Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Procedures

How do I sign up? Before we can see a new patient, a Consent Form must be sent to us by the patient or Power Attorney of any patient who cannot sign for themselves. 

Do you have a van or do you set up inside? We have portable equipment which is brought inside to the patient. This includes a portable dental exam chair, a digital x-ray system, and a portable operatory system.

Can you come to my house? Yes, we can see patients in a home setting. The home-visit service fee depends on your location relative to our dental teams.  

Do you take x-rays? Yes, we have a low power digital x-ray system which allows for immediate viewing on a laptop. X-ray imaging is required to become a "patient-of-record". 

How often do you come out to a facility? We come out to most of our facilities on a quarterly basis. However, we are happy to make additional visits as needed in between these regular visits.

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How far in advance do I need to fill out paperwork before I can be seen? When a New Patient Consent Form is sent to us, we typically can see you within a couple days depending on our routes and schedule.


Do I need a Fluoride treatment?  Isn’t it just for children? Recent studies have shown Fluoride treatments to be very helpful in several ways for elderly adults. Firstly, it is shown to improve remineralization of teeth which can reduce tooth and root decay.   Adults with gum recession are at risk of root decay because the surface becomes exposed to decay causing bacteria in the mouth. The older you are, the more prone you are to gum recession.


I just want a cleaning - do I have to need an exam? All patients seen by our registered dental hygienists must be a ‘patient-of-record’ and therefore seen by one of our dentists.

Why do you separate exams and cleanings by several days? We have found with our elderly clientele, that many can not remain comfortable for the time needed to do an exam and then a cleaning. Therefore, we do exams on one day, then return for cleanings on a separate day.


Can I arrange a payment plan? Yes, we provide on a case-by-case basis financed payment plans for treatment. Routine exam and cleaning charges may not be financed. 

Do you provide group home discounts? Yes, we waive all home-visit fees for assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and similar facilities.

Do you accept dental insurance?  We are an out-of-network provider. Please call your insurance company to see if your policy provides coverage for out-of-network providers. Our billing team is happy to provide you a pre-filled ADA insurance form that you can provide to your insurance company to see if the procedures are covered and at what amount. 

Can KC Mobile Dental help me get reimbursed by my insurance? Yes! KC Mobile Dental will provide you a insurance claim for upon request to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. The claim for will have all procedures and prices listed for you convenience. Simply fill out your policy number and cardholder information and submit to the claim to the address listed on your card.

Does Medicare pay? Medicare does not currently cover any general dental procedures.

Are you able to take Medicaid? No - we are not currently a medicaid provider.

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