Providing on-site dental care in the comfort of your facility or home.

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KC Mobile Dental provide dental care where the patient lives. We bring our dental team to you. Our dental professionals are highly qualified and committed to providing the best care to our patients. Our clinical staff are resourceful and caring in the treatment of our patients with special needs and limitations - we work exclusively with the geriatric and special needs communities and residential homes across the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Quality Dental Care

High quality care in the comfort of your room.


  • Dental exams including x-rays

  • Cleanings

  • Dentures and partials

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Other common dental procedures  See more >>

Convenient and Consistent


Our dental teams bring all the necessary mobile dental equipment on-site during the visit. The scheduling and logistics team ensures that all important parties (the patient, family member or power of attorney, and community staff) are involved throughout the patient's dental journey. We strive to provide access to quality care for all, no matter the patient's situation.

How does it work?


Sign our online consent form here

Please note: Completing this form doesn't obligate you to receive our services (nor will we charge you until services have been rendered).


Schedule an initial comprehensive dental exam and cleaning

We will contact you within two business days of submitting the online consent form. Our team visits partner facilities on a quarterly basis. We also do home visits. Please call us if your request is urgent.


Comprehensive new patient examination and x-rays

The dentist will conduct a comprehensive new patient examination including x-rays. We schedule exams and cleanings on separate days. We do not provide specific appointment times due to the unique nature of our mobile operations.


Cleaning by a registered dental hygienist

Our registered dental hygienists will clean and polish the patient's teeth as well as provide a fluoride treatment. Routine cleanings are critical to maintaining oral health and preventing against decay. 


Routine quarterly follow-up visits (periodic exams and cleanings)

We handle all the logistics and scheduling with our partner facilities to ensure consistent care for your loved one. We recommend periodic exams occur every 6 months and cleanings every 3 months. X-rays will be taken on an annual basis.

Dental services provided by Rita M Burnett DDS Mobile LLC